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Modern Fashion Store Template from Shopify

If you own your own clothing brand or you want to create an online clothing and accessories store, we offer a wonderful modern fashion store template. This theme will allow you to create your site very quickly, completely adaptive, and modern, as well as promote it and influence the growth of your sales. The design of the site is made in delicate orange and cream tones - it perfectly combines with the theme of baking or eating and arouses appetite. Fonts are also well selected, with their help you can place emphasis on the site and highlight the necessary information.

Many stores today continue to operate and promote their old sites, but we offer the modern and most convenient solution for you and your customers.

You can download a useful and creative template to promote the online clothing store. This template is created using quality code, it is quickly loaded and already has initial SEO optimization. You do not need to contact other companies for help - you yourself can quickly and efficiently create and configure your own site.Multifly Modern Fashion Store Template is Compatible with Growave

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers Shopify stores with product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC.

From now Growave official Shopify application is integrated into the Multifly Modern Fashion store template. You can easily set up and customize it. No coding skills needed.

Installing Growave with a Multifly modern fashion store template from Shopify, you'll get an extended 30 days free trial.Fashion Boutique and Accessories Store has Modern Features

The modern fashion store template has a high speed of loading pages. By choosing this simple theme, you get a huge number of tools for interacting with customers.

The template can be easily adapted to the number of items in your store or any other needs of your business.

Shopify themes today are used by many famous stores and large brands. You can also create your own electronic platform. The Shopify platform is a reliable and modern solution for your business, has high efficiency, and is very promising for e-commerce.

We suggest you take advantage of a solution developed with the help of designers and programmers to promote a clothing store, accessories, or shoes.

Based on this template, you can place new receipts, recommendations for buyers, sort items by category, collection. The modern theme is made in a neutral color and is ideal for a fashion store. If something doesn't fit your design or color, you can always change it to suit your requirements.

The template has convenient navigation for visitors. Here you can search, view, and compare items. What you liked, the buyer can put in the cart to make a purchase. Additionally, there is a wish sheet so that your visitors can postpone the purchase for later.

The store already has integrated social media buttons and supports the most common payment systems. This is a very important requirement for e-commerce - an understandable and simple system of purchases and payments can increase conversion several times.Clothes Store Responsive Design

The modern fashion store template is a fully adaptive and responsive theme, where you have everything you need to create a full-fledged store. You get all the features you need to create a site with an excellent design. You can work with your own store, make the necessary changes, and gain full control over your business.

Along with the template, you get additional features, pages to promote your products. At your service - a constant technical support team that will help you install, configure the template, and prepare it for full promotion.

Get ahead of your competitors - create a fashion store on a modern and reliable platform. Get only the best result and develop your business with Shopify.

Update 28, January 2021: Growave Official Shopify Application Integration; Minor fixes.

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